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Established in ’93 as 3-piece brutal Thrashing Death Metal band Brutal Beast covering Sepultura, Death & Kreator, found & lead by Al*Fahmi (guitars/vocals).

In the Circle of Time Demo

He was offered to help Ethereal recording 2 demos contributing most of Brutal Beast originals & handling 1st lead/rhythm guitars & backing vocals while Beast Petrify was facing bad line-up problems. Ethereal members also helped Beast Petrify to record all 5 songs using 8 tracks at MYX Studios “In The Circle Of Time” demo’97 (featured in several U/G compilation projects including Candlelight Prod “Metal Legion” in Sept ’98) written by Al*Fahmi. It’s devoted more towards Speed/Thrash Metal suiting the new moniker + avoiding similarity with Ethereal. It’s very well received in the global U/G scene (sold & trade over 950 copies to date beyond expectations). Most critics falls only on his sick vocals sounded like HC bands that doesn’t allow him to prove his vocal talent but with U/G demand, the band did a limited of 40 self-finance double-sided color printed short sleeve T-shirts (sold out in ‘04!)

Several months after the demo releases, Ethereal members left due to commitment problems while Scyfrul, a good hardworking & talented musician was being recommended/introduced by friends, recruited as bassist & backing vocals. Due to difficulties in getting a drummer with serious open-minded & proper musicians’ attitude, Scyfrul wanted to try working it out himself, after 6 months of self-training & guidance by Al*Fahmi based on some basic school military band knowledge. Furthermore, Beast Petrify had very few support & being look down in Singapore back then.

Dimensional Deranged Dilemma Debut Album

The band practiced/rehearsed harder to memorize all parts proving their capabilities as 2-piece band producing the technically & progressive musical creativity recording the 9 songs. They’ve enjoyed the stressing 56 hrs of recording using 16 tracks, mixing & mastering of the album + got Yunos (ex-guitarist) back then with Shahril (Ossuary‘s drummer) to record an experimental track which couldn’t release together in the full-length with some other tracks that will be kept for further release, (unfortunately that song was missing later when the band wanted to release it). They also remake 1 of the demo song ‘Obscure Obliteration’ in extended aggression version, the reason was to prove how the vocals should’ve sounded in the demo. Sonic Wave Prod., (Ex-Candlelight Prod releases Beast Petrify 1st album “Dimensional Deranged Dilemma” CD’99) which summons more technical arrangements done by the duo, Al*Fahmi (Guitars/Lead Vocals) & Scyfrul (Bass/Backing Vocals/Drums). The CD showed great improvements & 100% 2-piece talent of their capabilities performing Thrash Metal onslaught masterpiece that filled with melodies, electrifying solos & aggressions + they managed to mix wide varieties of concept in their arrangements.

Kapak Keramat Single

In Aug ’00, the band recorded using 16 tracks at TNT studio on a special song more into experimental evil Death/Thrash Metal with sadistic Malay lyrics ‘Kapak Keramat’ (so called single) that was meant for compilations & “Legions Of The Dark” CD is the 1st to have it on. After having remarkable response, still being a 2-piece band for 5years since ’98, they’re still in the process of recording new stuff. This song can be found in the demo CD-R version as bonus track after the original tape version is no longer pressed.

Webbed in Living Hell & First Live shows

In Jul ’02, they’re recovered 2 live rehearsal promo sets on 16 tracks at Lee Kwong Seng Studio to advertise their live presentations with covers, originals from past, present & future releases in a unique way of an incomplete multi-tracking with minor takes selection, it’s not release due to financial problem at that time. Finally, an exposure given to them to do an average gig at Kampong Glam C.C. “Obsession” on 29th March 2003 with Eibon, Nechbeyth, Malex etc. The band performance shocked the crowd witnessing for the 1st time on stage yet just 2-piece with no sessionist. Despite the poor sound, crowds still enjoyed the show. At this state actually, Scyfrul decided to leave the band but still helped out the band while waiting for perfect replacements to handle bass & drums. Somehow, rehearsals & recording still carries on as for normal. They decided to record a fresh new song entitled ‘Injustice Victims’ (animal rights/political based lyrics) that consists a powerful mind-blowing aggressive atmosphere with lots modes deliverance including killer guitar solos, wild bass lines, technical drums & vocal mixtures. It releases together with the 2 live sets recording in a unique full-length live rehearsal promo “Webbed In Living Hell” CD ’03. It’s like a year of glory for Beast Petrify, after a decade of existence to do another gig & this time in a ‘Metal Fest (Made In Singapore)’ on 14/9/03 with other big local Metal star bands Ossuary, Rudra, Aphelion etc. It’s the same day, the new material by Beast Petrify is released at the band’s 2nd gig & being honored to be the headliner of the day putting up 65 mins show of unstoppable Metal madness including guitar solos etc. In Oct 2003, the band again being offered to be the headliner for “The Return 2 Sanitarium 2003” with Demise, Rejex etc which so far with the best sound at that time & the least mistakes on a small stage for 45mins show.

Overseas Exposure
In early 2004, Beast Petrify supposed to perform for a tribute to old ‘Singa Hell Legends’ gig, due to some commitment problems, they couldn’t make it. On 20th June 2004, Beast Petrify for the 1st time are invited to play K.L, Malaysia with 5 others U/G bands there in “Metal Sunday” gig. Unfortunately, the show stop half way due to irresponsible Metal head who drunk & overdose himself in front of the gig held as 2 bands including Beast Petrify couldn’t make it for the fans & friends from 10 states that turned up that day but were being live interviewed on video by the Malaysian U/G Metal heads that was kept memorable.

“Singapore Metal Fest ’04” on 18 Sept’04 again invited the band to perform with Rudra, Ethereal etc + 2 Malaysian bands, Ephemeral & Anguish. They faced the worst situations with problems like bad lightings, sound lost, string burst etc but managed to go thru’ 55mins set somehow with the support of fellow Malaysian bands that day in a small crowd but 2 weeks after, they got to perform in K.L, Malaysia finally with better supportive atmosphere & great U/G bands. They’re well appreciated by the audience for their unstoppable 45mins show with Antacid, Meditation etc.

Tribute Gig

13th March 2005, Beast Petrify got a chance to do a tribute for Kreator in ‘Gods Of Metal’ but the crowd were a bit mainstream, so most were amazed & not much head-banging for that show. A week after the gig, the band proceeds back with their recording, July ’05 they got the 3 songs album promo out to spread to some contacts for proposal on their 2nd album after Sonic Wave Prod downfall.

Hypnotic Thrashing Beast Split Tape

Somehow, with the help of a Poser Blaster Records (Chile), Beast Petrify/Paganfire (Philippines) split-tape “Hypnotic Thrashing Beast” had been release using the unmixed tracks of that album promo’05 as limited edition pressing. It maybe raw but from here, the presence of the actual thing could already be visualized. The album strongly believed as their best effort ever produced by the band in history filled with complexity & maturity for that era.

Metal Industries

Unfortunately, due to the ‘Black Metal Issue’ strike back in Malaysia, the band face problems to get labels attention & decided to do a self-release for its most expensive album. 18th March 2006 ‘Metal Industries’ is the gig Beast Petrify had break their own record for an unbelievable unstoppable long live set for about 85 mins with reasonable sound & this really brought more crowd impression & definite respect as there’re several bands from Malaysia & Brunei such as Nefarious Azarak & In Torment etc performing that day with local Ethereal + some foreign fans.

The Making of Intrication

The band completes its mixing & mastering for the 2nd album in Apr 2007. The official release is planned to release in early 2007 at that moment, they’re working out the artwork & layout. In June 2006, there’s another invitation for Beast Petrify to perform but it was ruined by irresponsible gig organizer for not paying the rental so the gig was stopped half way & again the band did not get to play as yet it was somehow supposed to be their last gig with the drummer Scyfrul for at least 2years break. The band somehow managed to do a last jam session together in Sept 2006 & played 20 songs in 100mins set. Unfortunately, the video screwed up but that’s the set that we supposed to be on the “Tribute To Metal Industries” gig.

The Trio Era

They also managed to recruit a bassist, Hafiz whom actually still active in Demise (later known as Grave Of Demise) back then. There’re still jam sessions with Scyfrul once in a while but at the same time the search for the drummer is on the move. Meanwhile, the band is busy making new contacts for promoting both their split-tape & the upcoming 2nd album. This means the future of the band return to be a trio again but with indeed mature musical experience! There’s another offer for them to perform on 18th Nov ’06 but were not agreed as the members are not prepared due lack of practice. 19 July 2008 – 1st ever trio performance having great response at a mini gig held in Beat Merchant Studio with Damokis & Suicidal while still keeping the traditional non-stop action that lasted for 50mins.

The 2nd show as trio was held at Arthouse on 09/01/09 turns out be very controversial with the sound engineer & the organizer with disrupted sound problems etc but still they did the traditional 45/50mins set. After that show, Hafiz was out temporarily to focus on his part-time studies & job commitment but he’s still there with the band to record 2songs out 4 that were planned to be with 2 different split projects (soon naturally he couldn’t moved on anymore with the band), the other 2 bass parts were recorded by the frontman & the band had to hang on as duo again performing with Eibon & Spellbound etc at a Thomson C.C on 03/04/10 having the usual impressive response with their usual time set with more intense performance.

Opens for FTG

07/11/10 Beast Petrify gets to perform as opening acts for Malaysian legendary Thrash Metal band, FTG in KL, Malaysia & this time the crowd wasn’t as much as the time they played back in ’04 but still had not failed to impressed viewers. In Apr’ 011 the band finally completed all the recordings/mastering of the songs for their split releases & were eagerly waiting for all to settle down by labels & co-partners.

Revenge of the Fallen Gig

19/11/11 another local mix gig invited Beast Petrify though somehow on top of very disastrous sound production the management team provides, they still emerge with victorious attention along with young bands of the scene including Hellghast that later decided not to play instead being supporting crew for Beast Petrify.

Apoy Ng Kamunduhan Gig

04/02/12 Beast Petrify played in Manila for the very 1st time in Manila, Philippines with unexpectedly great response with a special jam session performing live with members from Paganfire, Interment, Corrupt Insanity, Pathogen aside from the main Beast Petrify demented set that managed to clear quite a number of their releases with autographs. With that & due to 2012 seems to be a special year for Beast Petrify for being 2-piece for 15yrs (aside the period with 3-4piece result in several changes earlier or before they started having releases & Hafiz existence of the successful short trio era) + celebrating frontman guitarist Al-Fahmi 20yrs of playing guitar, the band put out a special limited band calendar to chosen friends/fans that had support their musical/friendship journey at end of Mar ‘12.

Fire Death Chaos 3-Way Split

3-way local split digipac CD of Beast Petrify/AOTS/Vrykolakas “Fire Death Chaos” finally released by Vrykoblast Prod on late Apr ’12 had grab attention to U/G Metal scene that Beast Petrify is still productive & no doubt with better songwriting, this release is limited to 500 copies only containing some unreleased rehearsal tracks during Hafiz (bass) audition era.

Petrified Through Aeons In The Light Of Providence Split

Another amazing release with killer production from Poland split CD of Beast Petrify/Empheris “Petrified Through Aeons In The Light Of Providence” under Polish U/G label Psycho Recs & Media Park impressed many listeners mainly from both regions also having other unreleased rehearsal tracks of Hafiz era, receive for circulated in local scene on the 6th day, 6th month on the predicted armageddon symbolizing an omen for the Metal release to be cult stuff as it soon released under Empayar Music for tape version with bonus tracks.

Thrashing Beast & KL Thrashed

A new limited t-shirt design finally pressed as anniversary released during the Sabah “Thrashing Beast” gig tour launch in Kota Kinabalu “Thrashing Beast Fest” with bands like Harlot Nymph, Iron Skull etc. 1/9/13 “KL Thrashed” invites the band to play along; Morgorm, Black Seed & Logam etc. That’s somehow the last gig that Beast Petrify played with Scyfrul on drums after 16yrs being together as a band over some personal commitments. They made a T-shirt for the tour in 2013 & were sold out by 2016.

After Scyfrul Era

2014 is a fresh outlook for Beast Petrify since they got new drummer on the mission but no 1 really workout well after several jams with a few guys in the scene. Al-Fahmi continues to record the remaining sessions alone for 10songs after all the drum tracks for the 8songs done while Scyfrul is still around.

Fleshgod Apocalypse Gig

Finally, early Jun 2016, Vijesh (Wormrot) was selected for a return live gig that happen to exclusively opens for Fleshgod Apocalypse & they only jam within the same month of the gig due to personal tight scheduling. It’s perhaps the biggest show to date for Beast Petrify feeling very grateful to kick a solid, morbid set. After that show, the hunt for the drummer still continues as Vigesh is not keen to proceed.

Morbid Metal Festival

It came down to Faiz (The Wreckage), a long time friend that decided to gave a try & pull out a show at Morbid Metal Fest 4/11/18 after all the hard effort learning the songs, things went positive from there as he decided to be a permanent member & another gig with burning performance held in 28/9/19 at another Morbid Metal Fest but the show end-up being stopped with incomplete set, perhaps becoming the shortest ever show live by the band due time issue with foreign act of the day which leads Beast Petrify coming to an idea of doing the self-promo live/jam session mini gig that features only the band alone having interaction with audience for 2 upcoming separate releases in audio CD & DVD as it was properly done & will be releases in 2020.

Beast Petrify hoping more gold in mind will be achieve in future & further info, please write to us without hesitations as they’re friendly!


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